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Tarlaqueños in High Hopes on Pinoy Wise Campaign

“Sana magkaroon na din ng SIDC na lugar namin sa Pura kasi kailangang-kailangan talaga namin ng kooperatiba. Maganda ang ganitong proyekto para maiwasan ang pagkalubog sa utang ng mga tao sa kung kani-kanino”, Flora uttered after the PINOYWISE orientation conducted to their group last April 17.

Flora Ventura is one of Atikha’s Financial Counselors in Rome. She is working in Italy for more than two decades and living there with her immediate family: parents, siblings, husband and kids. Flora is very hopeful that in a few years from now, they will all go back home for good. She wants to be involved in social entrepreneurship activities like cooperative formation and organizing. She believes that it is the best way to help, reach and serve her kababayans in Pura, Tarlac.

Atikha Inc. in partnership with Filipino Women’s Council (FWC) and Sorosoro Ibaba Development Cooperative (SIDC) launched PINOYWISE Movement in Italy last September 2010, undertaken under the IFAD Project “Mobilizing Migrant Remittance towards Agri-based Cooperatives in the Philippines”.

PINOYWISE means PINOY Worldwide Initiatives for Savings Investment and Entrepreneurship. PINOY WISE is a financial literacy campaign initiated by a network of NGOs, cooperatives and microfinance institutions.  This campaign primarily aims to spread financial education through Seminar on Financial Literacy and Addressing Barriers to Reintegration; and encourage migrants and their families to save and invest their hard-earned money wisely.

Last month, Ms. Aileen Constantino- Peňas; Deputy Executive Director of Atikha Inc. and Coordinator for IFAD Project, revisited Italy to strengthen the campaign in the cities of Rome, Padova, Brescia and Milan.  Aside from Pura and Gerona group in Rome, Ms. Peňas also met another Tarlac group in Brescia, the Mayantokenians.

The same as with the Filipino community in Rome, our kababayans in Brescia responded very positively during the orientation held last April 24. They were very hopeful, as Mr. Rogelio expressed “Kailangan sa bayan namin ng Savings and Loan. Maganda sana magkaroon din kami ng ganyang proyekto ng SIDC upang ang mga magsasaka sa aming lugar ay may mahiraman ng kapital sa kanilang mga pananim. Dahil marami sa kanila ay dito pa umaasa at nanghihiram ng pambili ng pataba at pananim”.

Tarlaqueños are in high hopes that the various projects and enterprises of Sorosoro Ibaba Development Cooperative (SIDC) would be replicated in their hometown through the PINOYWISE campaign. They are equally enthusiastic in rallying the membership drive and investment mobilization to make this initiative possible.

To date, PINOYWISE campaign has more than 130 OFW enrollees from 9 cities in Italy and has mobilized more than 3M of savings and investment.

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