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Vision, Mission and Goals


The communities of OFWs will be economically and socially developed through investment of migrant earning in productive and viable economic activities that would stimulate the local economy and provide jobs and alternative sources of income for OFWs, their families and the entire community.


Atikha will be known as a catalyst of innovations in the field of migration and development. It commits itself to the task of addressing the social cost of migration and harnessing the full potential of overseas migrants for local community development.


Vision, Mission and Goals1) To help Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to be financially independent upon their return to the Philippines that will allow them to retire comfortably and/or manage their own business.

2) To assist OFW family, the children in particular to be self-reliant that would make it easier for the OFW to come home the soonest time possible to arrest the worsening social problems brought about by prolonged separation due to migration.

3) To offer livelihood trainings and economic opportunities for OFWs and their families.