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Vision, Mission and Objectives


The communities of migrants are economically and socially developed through investment of migrant earning in productive and viable economic activities that stimulate the local economy and provide jobs and alternative sources of income for migrants, their families and the entire community.


To lead innovations in implementing migration policies into concrete actions in minimizing the social and economic cost of migration and harnessing the full potential of overseas migrants for development.


1) Help migrants to be financially independent upon their return to their home country that will allow them to retire comfortably, be employed utilizing skills gained from work abroad and/or manage their own business.

2) Assist migrant families and the children to be self-reliant that would make it easier for the migrants to come home the soonest time possible to arrest the worsening social problems brought about by prolonged separation due to migration.

3) Advocate for mainstreaming of migration in governance and help create an enabling environment that provides economic opportunities for migrants, their families and communities.

4) Build the capacity of migration stakeholders to provide economic and social services that ensure safe and fair migration, gender- responsive and development- oriented reintegration.