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Atikha Projects

EC-UN JMDI Project: “Maximizing the Gains and Minimizing the Social Cost of Overseas Migration in the Philippines”
Project number: P-069
Reporting Period: 1st of October 2009 to 31 May 2011(as amended)
Total funding amount approved for the project: $288,626
Names of the other project partners: Comitato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli-CISP

Increased awareness of the Filipinos and other stakeholders on the issues of migration and development and migrant social and civil rights in Italy.

Migrants organizations and HTAs enabled to build their knowledge on migrants rights and welfare issues, financial literacy, counseling, organizing and alliance building and develop their capacity to deliver economic and social services to their members and to help create community development projects in partnership with different stakeholders.

Migrant families and NGOs, Local Government Units, schools, cooperatives, rural banks and other stakeholders are involved in initiatives in addressing the social cost of migration and in tapping the resources of migrants for the development of the OFWs, their families and communities.

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IFAD Project: “Mobilizing Migrant Resources Towards Agri-based Cooperatives in the Philippines”
Implementing Agent: Atikha Overseas Workers and Communities Initiative Inc.
Implementation period: 24 Months
Project partners: Soro-soro Ibaba Development Cooperative, LBP Financial Services SpA, Filipino Women’s Council
Total Budget: US$359,000 [FFR grant: US$250,000 & Counterpart: US$109,000 (US$25,000 in cash; US$84,000 in kind)]

1) Facilitate links between Philippine migrant associations in Italy and their hometowns in the Philippines to support agri-based cooperatives and other productive remittance-based activities and services; and
2) To build the capacity of overseas Filipino workers in Italy and their families in pilot provinces in the Philippines to enable them to direct their savings and investment towards the replication of successful agri-based cooperatives in their communities.

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AusAID PACAP Project: Mainstreaming Migration and Development Initiatives in LGUs and Schools with High Concentration of Overseas Filipinos

To contribute to reduced poverty and good governance by building the capacities of local government, educators, migrants and their families and other stakeholders in minimizing the social cost and maximizing the gains of migration to create jobs and economic opportunities in the communities.

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