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Soro-soro Ibaba Development Cooperative Launches Investment Program in Agriculture for Overseas Filipinos

To assist OFWs and help create jobs and economic opportunities for migrant families and rural communities, SIDC, Atikha and the Filipino Women’s Council are launching the SIDC Investment Program for OFWs. Initially the target of the investment mobilization program are migrants from Italy but this investment package is also open to other OFWs willing to invest in agriculture development.

SIDC Egg Layer Farm – Investment Package

  • Egg layer farm business is already a successful venture. There is a huge market for eggs and SIDC needs to expand its egg layer farm business to respond to the demands of the market.
  • Any migrant even if they are not based in Batangas can join in the investment program since compared to other enterprise of SIDC, the earning in the egg layer farm does not depend on patronage which will be difficult for the migrants since they are abroad.

Invest a Minimum of Php 100,000 in SIDC Egg Layer Farm Project payable in One Year

For Europe this means a saving of approximately Euro 150 monthly.

While saving, the fund will earn time deposit interest rate ranging from 2% to 7% depending on the amount and maturity of time deposit. Once the Php 100,000 is completed, it will be transferred to the investment window for the layer farm project. Members’ investments will have a guaranteed return of 6% per annum and additional dividend earnings depending on the performance of the egg layer farm. The investment is locked for 5 years so that the member can avail of the maximum yield of their investment.

Monthly savings and investment to SIDC are charged by only Euro 1 remittance fee by Metro Bank and Land bank in Italy.

How to avail of the SIDC Investment Package

Become an associate member of SIDC.

Do I have option if I cannot afford the PHP 100,000 minimum investment?

Of course, you can also become an associate member of SIDC and start pooling or saving the minimum investment as time deposit in SIDC. Your money will earn according to the time deposit interest rate ranging from 2% -7% per annum depending on the amount and maturity of time deposit.

What are the benefits of becoming associate member of SIDC?

( In areas where SIDC operates)

  • Coop membership seminar for families in the Philippines
  • Seminar on financial literacy and addressing family issues that drain resources – for migrants ( where FWC operates) for the families (where SIDC and Atikha operates )
  • Livelihood and Business Opportunity Seminar on the following:
  • hog raising
  • Franchising of 6 to 9 Convenience Store ( subject to screening of SIDC)
  • Franchising Meriendster ( Snack Stand )
  • Feeds Outlet
  • Vegetable Organic Farming
  • Egg Distribution
  • Patronage refund in Coop Mart and other products and services of SIDC
  • Information, Value formation, Counseling of migrants and families left behind ( where Atikha operates)

How Do I apply for Membership and Become an Investor:

Email or call Atikha (for the Philippines and other countries outside Italy) or Filipino Women’s Council (in Italy) and Atikha accredited financial counselors will provide financial counseling and guide you on the membership process.

Contact Address and Number:

Batangas: Mabini OFW Center, Talaga Elementary School Bldg. Talaga Proper Mabini Batangas
Telephone Number: 0063-43-4871038
Contact Person: Ella Gloriane
Laguna: OFW Center Green Valley Subd. San Francisco San Pablo City,
Telephone number: 0063-49-5623156/0063-49-8000082
Contact Person: Erika Calayag
Email address:

Investing in Sorosoro Ibaba Development Cooperative

SIDC was chosen by Atikha as its partner cooperative in its savings and investment mobilization program for migrants because of the following:

  • SIDC is the number one agri-based cooperative in the Philippines with total membership of 14, 634 members (regular and associate), total asset of 1.16 Billion Pesos and total revenue of 2.7 Billion Pesos in 2009, and employing 252 regular employees as of December 2009. Although risk in any investment could not be avoided, partnership with a successful enterprise minimizes the exposure to the risk of investment.
  • Investment in SIDC would have direct impact on rural economic development since it is largely involved in agricultural enterprises and are committed to helping the farmers. Remittances invested in SIDC would help provide jobs and economic opportunities to communities where migrants are coming from including their families.
  • SIDC has been successful in its operations for more than forty (40) years. It ventured into several enterprises such as:
    • Feed Mill
    • Rice Mill
    • Contract Growing
    • Hog Selling Pen
    • Artificial Insemination
    • Pig Farm
    • Slaughterhouse
    • CATV Service
    • Savings and Loans
    • Coop mart
    • Farm Vic Meatshop
    • Farmer Vic Processed Meat
    • Gasoline Station
    • Bio-N Mixing Plant (Organic Fertilizer Production)
    • SIDC Aqua Care (Purified Water station)
    • Layer Farm
  • SIDC is based in Batangas and Laguna which are included in the top labor sending provinces of the Philippines


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