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Launching of Batang Atikha Book Series

Book Series 1: Nasaan si Nanay? Nasaan si Tatay?The Batang Atikha Book Series features stories written by children of OFWs, drawn out of their own experiences. Partner schools of Atikha have short-listed their students with good potentials in story writing and they were further given free training creative writing and tips in story book writing.

The students submitted their entries on themes that are relevant to children of OFWs such as: a) understanding realities of work abroad, b) savings consciousness, and c) addressing communication gap. The screening committee of Atikha selected the stories that will be featured in Atikha Book Series from the entries submitted by the children of migrants.

Book Series 2: Nang Matutong Magtipid si Carissa GastadoraAtikha has been working on addressing the social cost of migration on the children left behind for 15 years. It has developed various creative activities in the form of workshops, playshops, puppet shows, anime to provide information and value formation for children of OFWs.

Atikha has been reaching out to the children of OFWs to be able to help them cope with separation and to empower them to respond to the challenge of migration. These initiatives have been made possible through the support of Philippine Australia Community Assistance Project ( Ausaid-PACAP) , United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Children’s Hour Philippines, Inc. and BPI Foundation, Inc.

And the production of Book Series 1 was made possible through the support of Intel Philippines, Inc. The proceeds of the books sales will go to the various programs of Atikha for the children of OFWs.

The launching of the Batang Atikha Book Series is Atikha’s gift for Christmas to the millions of overseas Filipinos and their children who are longing to be together and are finding ways to bridge the distance.

To order, please send e-mail to: or call (6349)5623156 / (6349)8000082.

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