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Encouraging Migrants on SIDC Investment: Enrollment Strategies

Presented by: Lilia Cabaces- Mallari, PINOYWISE Milan Coordinator

To our beloved guest Mr/ Robert Meins – IFAD, Ms. Aileen C. Penas – Deputy Executive Director of Atikha, Ms. Minda Teves – North area coordinator, to all FC’s friends ladies and gentlemen.

They asked me if i can testify regarding the enrollment strategies, of course i answered a big YES! Everyday i’ve met a lot of individuals that have different characters and have negative points of view regarding investments…. I took them as a CHALLENGE. When Sidc reached my knowledge and learned about their good business track records i don’t give any second thought and grab the opportunity to become their member. I did the savings until i reached the minimum investments of 100 K and received the certificates when i went home last august 2011.

My best approach to our Kababayan is to let them know i am a living proof and one of the many investors of the company, shared them the secrets to how i was able to saved the needed money. I made myself an inspiration to them that i’ve been in their position before but came to learn how to managed my finances well through Financial Literacy Program. When i did my orientation in Mc Donald Milan, i’ve met alot of our kababayans aged above 65 yrs. old, I asked them why they are still here? they answered: We can’t come home to the Phils. because we don’t even have enough money to buy our Tickets….. I asked again why tita? they replied: coz i am the one who provide the needs of my family, i bought big house for them and sent my children in a prestigious schools but due to my absence, they didn’t finised their schooling until they got married, i am still the one who support them and even for the need of my grand childrens….. i answered again: it’s not bad helping our families but lets give some limitations…..because for me, were not helping them to grow in their own selves anymore but instead we let them become irresponsible and lazy. In that tune i introduced the SIDC – as a good investments. I gave also them some background info’s to who were the Mentors/Actors of this projects which were ATIKHA, FWC, SIDC and IFAD, give them flyers of SIDC as well as the business profile and explained to them the mission and visions, the impact to the communities for the agri based cooperatives , that’s the time that i will get their data and some info like telephone numbers and address. Sometimes they made the enrollment at once and i ‘ll accompany them in the bank.

Others were asking why we have it only now? i told them that it’s indeed introduced here for 2 years now. I’ve encountered also some PILOSOPO but still with my strategic appeal/approach they became our members of SIDC.

Flexibility/elasticity and trust were also part of my strategy coz majority of our kababayan have no time to deposits their savings and i also encouraged them to deposit 100 or even 50 euros monthly coz later it will accumulate interest and will be a big helped for them in time. To have this kind of Advocacy to transmit a positive impact and be an AGENT OF CHANGE.

I thank you.

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