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Atikha Joins Lingap sa Pitong Lawa Project 747

Atikha joins Lingap sa Pitong Lawa Community Foundation in spearheading Project 747. Project 747 was launched by Lingap sa Pitong Lawa last July 4, 2008. It is a campaign to raise P 7 million for social development projects that support initiatives on entrepreneurship, education and environment protection. Project 747 is fostering community spirit of the various sectors including overseas Filipinos to join hands and be part of the initiative in making San Pablo a progressive and environment friendly place.

Atikha Joins Lingap sa Pitong Lawa Project 747Project 747 enjoins everybody to participate

  • As donors
  • As solicitors
  • As fundraising events organizers

The proposal to raise 7 million is through the following:

P4.5 million will be raised by San Pablenos in the US and other parts of the world

700 donors of $100 = $70,000
40 donors of $500 = 20,000
7 donors of $2,000 = 14,000 $104,000 or P4.5M

P2.5 million will be raised by Philippine-based San Pablenos

700 donors of P2,000 = P1,400,000
40 donors of P10,000 = 400,000
7 donors of P100,000 = 700,000 or P2.5 M

Yakap sa Lawa was launched as an information campaign for environment protection and to raise funds for project 747. There were school hopping that were done and also barangay hopping for the information campaign. Around 10,00 were mobilized including personalities like Sen. Loren Legarda, Sen. Hehersen Alvarez, Gov. Ning-ning Lazaro, Gov. Joey Lina and other government personalities, students, fisherfolks, women, senior citizen and other sectors. Sen. Loren Legarda pledged that part of the PHP 3 million she has allotted for San Pablo will be donated to Proj. 747. Representative of Sen. Mar Roxas also promised to support the project. Personalities and representatives of the various organizations including Overseas Filipinos pledged to support the Project 747.

The total cash collection was PHP 80,000 as of January 15, 2008. However, the total pledge has reached PHP 3.5 million coming from organizations, politicians including Senator Loren Legarda and representative of Sen. Mar Roxas. Governor Ning-ning Lazaro also pledged to provide assistance for Project 747. Lingap sa Pitong Lawa is accepting pledges for Project 747. The next counting will be on January 15 2010 on the occasion of San Pablo’s Feast Day Celebration.

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