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Trainers’ Training on Financial Literacy and Peer Counseling among NGOs, LGUs and other stakeholders in the Philippines

The first Training of Trainers on Financial Literacy & Peer Counseling was held from October 19 to 23, 2009 at the Splash Mountain Resort Hotel, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines. The training was held in cooperation with IOM-MRF Manila, Department of

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Financial Literacy and Addressing Barriers to Reintegration of Overseas Filipinos and Their Families
By Estrella Mai Dizon-Anonuevo

“Bakit ngayon lang ninyo naisip gawin itong (financial literacy) seminar na ito? Milyon na ang nawaldas ko!” (Why did you only think of implementing this financial literacy seminar now? I have wasted millions of pesos!) commented Minda Teves, one of

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School Based Program in Addressing Social Cost of Migration and Setting Up Batang Atikha Youth Savers Club
By Estrella Mai Dizon-Anonuevo

Romlowel Villanueva, a son of a seafarer shared that the reason why he joined the Batang Atikha Savers Club (BASC youth savers club) was because his friends were members but he realized as he participated in the various workshops and

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Building the Capacities of Local Governments and other stakeholders and Setting Up One-Stop Migration Resource Centers
By Estrella Mai Dizon-Anonuevo

“Social worker tayo di ba? Ano ang ginagawa natin sa financial literacy seminar na it to? ( We are social workers right? What are we doing in this financial literacy seminar?), asked Don ng Quezon to Fely Servanez. Fely and

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“Maximizing the Gains and Minimizing the Social Cost of Overseas Migration in the Philippines”
Project number: P-069
Reporting Period: 1st of October 2009 to 31 May 2011(as amended)
Total funding amount approved for the project: $288,626
Names of the other project partners: Comitato Internazionale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli-CISP

Increased awareness of the Filipinos and other stakeholders on the issues of migration and development and migrant social and civil rights in Italy. Migrants organizations and HTAs enabled to build their knowledge on migrants rights and welfare issues, financial literacy, counseling,

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