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COMING HOME: Women, Migration and Reintegration

Coming Home: Women, Migration and Reintegration“Coming Home: Women, Migration and Reintegration” confronts the twin issues of migration and reintegration. The book deals with the following questions: Are migrant women nearer to their dreams of a better life for themselves and their families? What is the social cost of the feminization of migration? Are migrant women willing and ready to come home? What are the possibilities for their reintegration?

“Coming Home” is a result of a year-long action research done by Balikabayani Foundation, Inc. and Atikha Overseas Workers and Communities Initiatives, Inc.

The partnership of Atikha and Balikabayani is geared towards providing support for the eventual return and reintegration of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). It seeks to lay down comprehensive community development programs by utilizing the migrant workers’ earnings, and mobilizing local resources and government participation. Atikha and Balikabayani also adopt a twin-approach of organizing the OFWs abroad and at the same time, their respective families and communities in the Philippines.