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Childrens Response to the Challege of Migration

Childrens Response to the Challege of MigrationThe “Children’s Response to the Challenge of Migration” compiles information and education materials developed by Atikha which were designed to address various concerns affecting the children of Overseas Filipino Workers. The manual trains teachers and facilitators on various ways of creatively imparting information and inculcating values to the children.

The modules and activities in the manual encourage children of migrants to express their thoughts and feelings; find ways in strengthening family relations despite the physical distance brought about by overseas migration. The values of hard work, wise use of money, education, and goal-setting are taught to children. Furthermore, the modules provide avenues for children to recognize and appreciate their own talents, strengths and abilities. They learn how to be gender sensitive, become peer counselor and be a young entrepreneur.

This manual is composed of three books:

  • Training Manual on Migration Realities
  • Training Manual on Capacity Building
  • Reference Materials