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Financial Literacy and Savings Mobilization Campaign

Ms. Mai lecture on Investment Funds

Ms. Mai lecture on Investment Funds

Atikha conducts financial literacy to OFWs, seafarers and the family left behind which guides them not only in financial management but also in family management.

Financial Literacy Training for Trainers

Atikha also conducts 5-day financial literacy training for trainers for local government, government agencies, NGOs, cooperatives, rural banks, social enterprises and other organizations involved with migration.

It has identified key overseas labor sending provinces and is training various stakeholders to mainstream financial literacy and counseling in communities where migrants are coming from.

Atikha also train migrant leaders in major host countries and has ongoing initiative in Italy which is one of the main country of destination of migrants from Region IV.

Atikha has published financial literacy training of trainers (TOT) manual in cooperation with DOLE – National Reintegration.

Financial Literacy Seminar

The financial literacy is a 2-day seminar offered to OFWs and seafarers and whoever manages the funds in the family since the success and also the failure of the migrants depends to a large extent to the financial manager of the funds in the Philippines. The financial literacy is a hands on training on budgeting, goal setting and financial planning. It discusses savings for investment and retirement, entrepreneurship and borrowing.

The seminar also provides information on the various family issues that drain their resources and provides tips on family management to address the growing social cost of migration through group sharing and peer counseling.

Link Migrant Savings and Investment with Agri-based Cooperatives and Financial Institutions

Atikha assists in packaging and linking migrants savings and investments with successful agri-based cooperatives and other social enterprises. It has partnered with Soro Soro Ibaba Development Cooperative, the largest agri-based cooperative in the Philippines; Cavite Farmers Feed milling and Marketing cooperative (CAFFMACO), the number one cooperative in Cavite; and Bangko Kabayan, the number one rural bank in Region IV for savings, investment and assistance in enterprise development for migrants and their families.

Savings Mobilization of Children of Migrants: Batang Atikha Savers Club

Atikha assists in organizing of the Batang Atikha Savers Club (Youth Savers Club) as an association of children in the community and schools as part of the savings consciousness program to combat the growing dependency on remittance, lavish spending and negative values of materialism. There are more than 1,500 children involved in this program with an aggregate savings of 1.3 Million Pesos as of first quarter of 2010.

Atikha assists schools in setting up of school based program to help address the social cost of migration on the children left behind. It partners with schools with high concentration of children of migrants.